Leverage the data already in your app to automatically send smart, relevant, content to your mobile audience. Create a great experience. Increase engagement and revenue.


Dollars spent by travelers with smartphones since you’ve been on this site. U.S. based travelers. 2012 Lodging Industry Profile – AH&LA

Event Targeting

Time & Events

Current time and scheduled events, such as reservations, are a critical piece of context for a mobile audience. Deliver relevant offers by targeting time and scheduled events in your app. Some events, like flight departures, constantly change. Our system is smart. We track and target those, too.

Location Targeting

Location & Destination

Your mobile audience is not sitting still. Send them offers based on where they are and where they’re headed. Have they reached their destination? Will they reach it soon? Leverage location like never before.

Context Targeting

Rich Context

Combine location and time with everything else you know about your audience, such as demographics and your own custom data. We work with some amazing data partners to bring in third party data, too. Create a rich understanding of behavior and intent for your audience while they’re on the move. Now you have a truly powerful platform.

Mobile Content

MobileRQ delivers highly contextualized mobile offers and messages to audience segments you define based on all these attributes and more. Learn how it works.