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Mobile is now the first screen and requires mobile-first marketing solutions. We are a cross-industry solution that helps you fully leverage mobile to reach your core marketing objectives. Let us help you drive brand engagement and profitability with our contextual mobile marketing platform.



Optimize mobile as a revenue channel by engaging, converting and up-selling your customers in real-time.

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Increase room bookings and food and beverage revenue for guests and non-guests alike.

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Align your marketing strategies to drive foot traffic and mobile purchases.

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Combine your loyalty databases with real-time contextual data to drive point earnings and redemptions.

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The Contextual Mobile Marketing Platform

Reach your customers at moments of impact via highly targeted, trigger-based campaigns. Dynamic mobile campaigns can be near to impossible to set up and manage. We make it easy.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Create audience segments that refresh dynamically based on the customer’s context.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

Enrich context with CRM data, partner data and out of the box data sets from MobileRQ.

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor your campaigns by analyzing clicks, views, and conversions as they happen.

Time & Event-based Campaigns

Pre-schedule or set event-based in-app content or push messages.

Dynamic Customized Content

Upload your own creatives and deliver content that is pertinent to user’s context.

Flexible Integration

Reduce time to market with our native iOS and Android SDKs for your mobile apps.

About MobileRQ

MobileRQ’s mission is to help our enterprise customers drive loyalty and revenue by creating the most engaging and relevant mobile experiences for their customers. The RQ in MobileRQ stands for the Relevance Quotient. Many messages will match a user’s context, but mobile devices only have a limited amount of screen real estate to display them. Using intelligent analysis of the messages, the user, the user’s context, and previously explored messages, MobileRQ assigns a Relevance Quotient to each message. The higher the RQ, the more likely the person will find a message to be relevant and engaging thereby delivering the most personalized experience for each user.


MobileRQ was founded by two industry veterans with deep domain expertise in mobile and real-time data architectures. We’ve built a top-notch team who is passionate about mobile relevance. If you’re interested in joining us, we’d like to hear from you.

Darin GlattCo-founder & CTO

Darin Glatt

Co-founder & CTO

Darin is a Big Data veteran with deep experience building large-scale systems for analyzing data at rest and data in motion. Most recently he was the Principal Application Architect for iovation where he developed a real-time fraud detection and prevention SaaS that tracks the online reputation of nearly one billion web and mobile devices. Always searching for the right technologies to build scalable platforms, he has successfully delivered solutions using Apache Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ, Hadoop, and Oracle.

Paul SalzingerChief Customer Officer

Paul Salzinger

Chief Customer Officer

Paul has spent his career delivering technical solutions that transform his customer’s businesses in profound ways. Improving the ways that enterprise brands communicate, service and bring value to their customers has been Paul’s focus for over three decades. At MobileRQ, Paul leads our new customer acquisition efforts, managing the customer service and support organizations with a zeal toward building customer success for all.

Prior to MobileRQ, Paul helped introduce social log in technology to the online industry as VP Worldwide Sales for Janrain, now a well established SaaS provider allowing consumers an easier and more secure way of registering and getting connected with brands globally. Janrain serves large brands including Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Mattel and hundreds of others across many verticals. In previous leadership positions with next generation technology providers, Paul delivered broadband, interactive TV, media and publishing solutions and lead global expansion efforts for many multi-national enterprises. Getting his start early in technology, Paul opened the first Apple Computer retail store in Cambridge Harvard Square in the early 80’s and went on to be one of the founders of Lotus Development Corp. Customer success is his complete focus and passion at MobileRQ.

Tyler McKinleyCo-founder & CEO

Tyler McKinley

Co-founder & CEO

Tyler has been in mobile development for more than ten years. Tyler co-founded Prototype Studios, his first company in 1994 which developed advanced industrial prototype visualization methods using Silicon Graphics workstations. In 1999 he joined Digimarc to help lead the deployment of advanced data hiding technology to prevent counterfeiting of currency around the world. He co-founded ZuluTime in 2006 which develops indoor location technology for smartphones allowing the same location experience that GPS provides to the in-store shopper experience. Tyler co-founded MobileRQ in 2012 recognizing the clear value of enhancing the traveler’s experience through relevant, engaging content on the smartphone. Tyler has a passion for travel and the ways that mobile can enrich this experience.

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Use real-time data on inventory, pricing, time, customer location, reservation, loyalty, intent and purchase behavior to:

  • Drive new bookings and ancillary revenue with scalable yet surgical precision reaching audience segments with the right offers at a moments notice.
  • Move away from impersonal generic content by sending tailored mobile content to your customers with advanced automation before, during and after their flights.
  • Turn flight delays into customer experience mobile moments by automatically providing rich, serviceable content in your app to only those affected passengers.
  • Sell more perishable seat upgrade inventory all the way to flight time, push offers based on spend habits, location, loyalty aspiration levels and more.
  • Convert your mobile user base that use your app for operational purposes into brand fans.

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MobileRQ Airline Use Case
Make your hospitality app the go-to mobile app for your customers by reaching them throughout the trip funnel from inspiration all the way through booking and memory making after trip return. Put your brand front and center when they are making purchase decisions and up-sell them after conversion. Finally, increase loyalty by engaging with your customer either while on property or during off-travel times.

  • Stage automated mobile campaigns as guests approach their check-in day.
  • Reach your guests when they arrive at the airport or other point of interest regardless of flight information.
  • Target guests on the last day of their stay to extend their trip whether for business or pleasure.
  • Drive on-property food and beverage by targeting segments such as loyalty levels, previous F&B spend, and special events.
  • Tap into on-property restaurant revenue for customers who are local, but don’t have a current reservation.

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Hospitality Use Case
Improve engagement and increase sales by leveraging your CRM data with your customer’s location and mobile app behavior. These pieces of data allow you to craft personalized mobile content for your customers while in-store, before they ever arrive or long after they’ve left.

  • Unify your offline and mobile strategies to increase footfall, but also drive mobile app engagement and mobile purchasing.
  • Measure when shopping tourists arrive at destination cities with your stores and push relevant offers to them inviting them into your store.
  • Target your loyal customers with the products they love, no matter where they are. Remind them if they need to restock their purchases.
  • Tie product offers to inventory levels, your store location, in-store shopper location, and shopper profile.
  • Alert your customers to in-store special events tailored to their audience segment.

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Loyalty programs exist in every industry yet the goal is always the same: To drive customer retention over the long term. Short term targeted mobile campaigns can drive mobile app usage and keep customers engaged with your brand.

  • Send targeted content to loyalty level aspirants to get them to purchase and obtain the next level.
  • Drive award redemption by matching merchant partner offers to member profiles.
  • Surprise and delight loyalty members by timely and location relevant special events tailored to their advanced audience segment.

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