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Mobile: Four Ways to Unleash Data for Great Customer Experiences | MobileRQ
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Mobile: Four Ways to Unleash Data for Great Customer Experiences

There has been significant progression in mobile marketing automation tools the past three years. In 2013 the innovators yelled from the rooftops of the important of mobile marketing. In 2014 the conference panelists, analysts, and enterprise early-adopters tested and deployed these tools. 2015 was when it became obvious to any consumer marketer that winning in mobile was essential to the business. And here we are at 2016. This is the year that CMO’s and Chief Digital Officers are deploying budgets to mobile marketing automation solutions en masse. And these teams are finding that 1) customer experience is key, and 2) data drives the customer experience. A great post and a great article on this here…2016 – The Year of Customer Experience and here… Brandquarterly.com: CMO Insights Into Personalization For Retail

A high-velocity cycle powered this progression: 1) consumer migration to mobile throughout their daily lives; and 2) cross-industry businesses providing richer customer experiences on mobile. Because of this, the enterprise must create a business advantage over their competition specifically within mobile. And CMO’s agree that advantage happens through great customer experiences. And great customer experiences come by way of data-driven personalization. Nailing this can can spell success across the business. Missing it…well….

Consider four ways to impact customer experience on mobile and how data can create a KPI surge.

1) Think about data as a design tool in your organization. Data not only helps determine what content is displayed but when and how it’s displayed. This can make all the difference in engagement. This includes data like…average number of transactions per brick and mortar location vs. mobile; matching inventory trends across your audiences; and having real-time knowledge of where your customers are in their mobile shopping funnel. Layer in other customer-centric data such as their purchase channel behavior/preference; their average basket size per transaction per channel; and elusive segments like their location at their local time a day. When you can harness data, it becomes a design tool within your own mobile app because specific content is surface in a way that these individual audiences respond to most.

2) Think about data-driven mobile content as a bridge between data and business teams. The right solution means that the digital teams that own the business have fluid access to data that drives successful content. Enabling these business teams, who own those critical steps in customer engagement, should be able to design and launch new data-driven customer experiences rapidly. Too many times these teams are hamstrung by onerous “ticketing” processes that make it hard to access useful data or to be able to act on it. The data side of the organization is spinning gold for the organization yet business teams are often restricted by process to leverage it when it’s needed most. To be sure, the more complex the organization is, like financial services, where multiple towers of data and business exist, there isn’t a one step process. But the correct implementation plan can streamline this process giving digital teams a much faster time to market for every customer engagement campaign.

3) Enable your business teams to have developer power. Similar to the data< =>business team bridge, the right platform should unlock the right mobile app capabilities so your business teams can have developer power for mobile experiences. Historically any level of data-driven customer engagement required mobile development teams to hard code experiences in the app. Then update the app for new experiences. That is not necessary. The right platform should enable your business teams to surface app experiences dynamically without involving development on an on-going basis. Fresh content experiences through both UX and UI should be a natural process that the business teams control.

4) Think about how mobile drives your business. You can learn rapidly from how your mobile users are interacting with your app and how that drives your business. Getting nice engagement scores on push messaging is important to the mobile KPI set. But it doesn’t move the business. Reduction of app churn and higher app usage over time are also important. But they don’t move your business. Consider how your mobile strategy aligns with your overall business strategy (ideally being fundamental to it!). Determine what drives conversions inside your app and map that to your other channels including in-store. Sprint to understand how mobile contributes to your company’s margin. This data not only informs you on how to implement customer engagement program, but it provides a more realistic view into the real numbers of your business. According to the CMO Council, “Clicks, views, posts, shares and visits have taken a back seat to acquisition, retention and revenue growth as core measures of customer experience and engagement success.” See CMO Council: MARKETERS LOOKING TO MEASURE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BASED ON BUSINESS OUTCOMES, NOT CAMPAIGN METRICS

Data backed customer experiences mean more than just a super intelligent CMS. It requires your business teams to be both proactive and responsive at the same time with a data platform approach. Bring these four items into your next conversation about mobile. I guarantee good stuff will come out of it!

Use real-time data on inventory, pricing, time, customer location, reservation, loyalty, intent and purchase behavior to:

  • Drive new bookings and ancillary revenue with scalable yet surgical precision reaching audience segments with the right offers at a moments notice.
  • Move away from impersonal generic content by sending tailored mobile content to your customers with advanced automation before, during and after their flights.
  • Turn flight delays into customer experience mobile moments by automatically providing rich, serviceable content in your app to only those affected passengers.
  • Sell more perishable seat upgrade inventory all the way to flight time, push offers based on spend habits, location, loyalty aspiration levels and more.
  • Convert your mobile user base that use your app for operational purposes into brand fans.

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